Valerian Laval - Innovative educational project in Hunedoara

Two classes with pupils from Hunedoara will learn a craft in a new place, using equipment and tools brought from Germany. This unique partnership was selected by the Education Ministry, as one of the five country’s pilot-projects for implementing the dual educational system. Starting with this school year, 29 pupils – both 14 from second year and 15 rookies, will be doing internships in a workshop designed in the Draxlmaier Hunedoara plant. Two foremen of Draxlmaier will train the pupils, and the specialization is electromechanics. Collaboration between Draxlmaier and Technological High School “Constantin Bursan” started last year by equipping a new classroom for pupils and by a sponsorship of workshop equipments and handbooks. “We are honored by our collaboration with Draxlmaier Hunedoara. This company acknowledged the necessity of professional schools and was actively involved in developing and equipping workshop spaces for our pupils. 29 pupils from our professional school will attend practical courses right at Draxlmaier plant. These children will have the chance to learn in a place that perfectly stimulates the environment and to be trained by qualified personnel. It is a tremendous opportunity for this pupils”, declared Daniel Ardelean, legal representative “Constantin Bursan” high school.

Author: Alexandru Avraam