Valerian Laval - Top Scholarships from multinational companies in the west of the country

Students in the western part of the country are desired more and more by multinational companies. Leading worldwide companies in the field of automotive and petroleum are willing to pay scholarships, provide internships and even prepare teachers from faculties to attract fresh workforce. An example for this is a German company who will teach teachers e-business under a new master’s program at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Also to attract students, a company in Serbia offers scholarships competing with rookie wage employee.


Internships within a Master’s program are used by a German automotive company that wants well-trained employees. Zsombor Horvath studied Informatics and he sees himself as a business software developer: “I like to develop applications and to adapt to today’s technology. It is a field that is constantly growing. They require professional computer programmers in this sector for business”.

Moreover, multinational representatives also chose to train six teachers from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, who later will teach disciplines in economic informatics in the Master. Teachers began training in April. It implies 10-20 working hours a week so that curricula for courses should be ready by the start of the new academic year.

“The teaching staff of the Faculty of Economics is trained on SAP software, which is used in most of today’s multinational companies. I will teach the Advanced development of international systems for business, discipline that links what it takes for a user in the computer system, an economist or any consultant who knows what an IT specialist is doing effectively”, says Assistant Professor Othniel Didrag from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

“Every teacher has an expert who becomes practically their shadow or guides them for four months, teachers become familiar with the system and they are getting help to prepare teaching materials so that our professionals can share with them practical experience,” said Valerian Laval representative of a company in the automotive sector.

Graduates of this Master Program can become experts in programming and developing computer systems, and consultants in business informatics or software developers in various companies.

“44 students were enrolled and we registered 39 students out of a total of 50 seats. The remaining seats may be supplemented in September when a second entrance to the master is prepared. Of course, students are attracted to invest time and money in this Master, because it brings a job at the end of the master”, declared Alexander Isla PR representative in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

The luckiest are three students from the Faculty of Chemistry-Biology-Geography, West University of Timisoara, who will receive a scholarship that can motivate any new employee. Scholarships are awarded by a Serbian company operating in the oil sector.

“At the moment we can pay the amount of 1200 lei per month. They work under the guidance of our experts in the Division of Geology and Exploration Company “says Vadim Smirnov, CEO of the oil company.

The three shall receive scholarships in the company for three months. Almost all students, however, say representatives of the multinational company, can practice in the company for a week, during which they will be introduced to geology and oil exploration.

Reporter: Raluca Popa
Operator: Mihai Pop
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