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How to increase the value added of controlling
Taken From: De Gruyter – Oldenbourg ISBN: 3110577836
Are you struggling to achieve efficient and sustainable management?In these competitive times, you need to be well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the controlling function in corporate management. One needs to be aware of all…
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The Competitive Challenge of Controlling
Taken From: Procedia - Social and BehavioralSciences
Success= Efficient management + Right LeadershipManagement is a challenge in today’s date, and decision-making is an integral part of it. Big organizations indisputably need accurate decision support that is where ‘Controlling’ comes in. But what…
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The measurability of Controlling performance
Taken From: Bulletin of Taras ShevchenkoNational University of Kyiv
Multinational companies try to leverage their performance with the help of the controlling function. But how can the controlling function optimize its performance? The mechanics of value creation can be managed with three groups of…
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The trade-off between planning objectives and planning success
Taken from : Studies in Business and Economics
Many companies face difficulties in implementing modern planning concepts. For this, the paper will discuss and define the terminology and goals of modern planning. Based on this, the article analyses how strategy orientation influences the…
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Improving the value added of budgeting activities
TAKEN FROM : Revista Economica
Attention Managers!! In recent times, there is much talk about “traditional Budgeting” and “modern Budgeting”. Do you know why some companies have to see failure even after following the budgeting process thoroughly? Do you know…
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Improving Stakeholder Performance
The demand for well-trained staff is increasing. Companies are facing a shortage of skilled workers with accounting, business data analysis with SAP, and German language skills. Large companies such as Dräxlmaier are relentlessly looking for…
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Impact of educational CSR on regional business
Taken from: RevistaEconomică
The usage of ―multi-stakeholder clusters can help to increase the performance of CSR projects. An important precondition for the contribution of other stakeholders however is to enable those stakeholders to reach their complementary goals in…
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Process Improvements in Management Reporting
TAKEN FROM : Journal of Financial Studies & Research
Read how the cost/benefit ratio of management reporting can be analyzed, benchmarked, and improved. The proposed improvement process will show how to enhance process efficiency, reporting relevance, reporting volume. We will further outline, how optimization…
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Impact of Recent Megatrends on the Controlling Role Model
TAKEN FROM : Procedia Economic and Finance
Recent megatrends such as increasing complexity, volatility, internationalization, and increased demand for transparency and compliance change the expectation towards the controlling function. The starting point of this paper is a specification of the contemporary controlling…
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