Valerian Laval - Shadow Controlling

Improving the controlling function with a structured optimization project

The controlling function should provide decision-relevant information to the top management. However, in some companies, the controlling function does only delivers little or no decision support to the management and in consequence, loses influence. This paper aims to solve this unfavorable situation. The introduced project plan will provide companies a blueprint on how to maximize […]

Valerian Laval - The CSR Diamond

Restructuring Stakeholder Collaboration

Are Business ethics even profitable? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps in increasing brand awareness. The social issues and potential initiatives can be divided into general issues, value chain social impacts, and social dimensions of competitive context. Blending charity and communication with CSR value can also create wonders. Collaboration with educational institutions would create shared value […]

Valerian Laval - Improving the value-added of management reporting

Improving the value added of management reporting

Read how the quality and value contribution of management reporting activities at a global manufacturing company can be analyzed, benchmarked, and improved. Based on our illustrated benchmarking process the process efficiency, the reporting relevance, reporting volume and the cost/benefit ratio are identified as weak areas with major improvement potential. For these weak areas, improvement recommendations […]

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