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How to increase the value added of controlling
Taken From: De Gruyter – Oldenbourg ISBN: 3110577836
Abstract This book reflects almost 20 years of professional experience in the field of accounting,controlling and corporate management and aims to give new insights andguidance to practitioners and scholars on how to improve the controlling…
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The Competitive Challenge of Controlling
Taken From: Procedia - Social and BehavioralSciences
Abstract The complexity of today's business increases and, correspondingly, the requirements for decision support increase. A traditional supplier of top management decision support is the controlling function. However, when controlling struggles to meet the increased…
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Taken From: Bulletin of Taras ShevchenkoNational University of Kyiv
Abstract The urge to increase the performance of company processes is ongoing. Surveys indicate however, that many companies do not measure the controlling performance with a defined set of key performance indicators. This paper will…
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Improving the value added of management reporting
Taken From:Proceedings of the 26th International Business Information Management Association Conference
Abstract This paper illustrates how the quality and value contribution of management reporting activities at a global manufacturing company can be analyzed, benchmarked and improved. The proposed improvement process will be backed up with a…
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Valerian Laval | Prezi
Taken from : Prezi
Transcript pe care îl cunoaștem cu toții astăzi Acum 39 de ani... Aachen, Germania Iubitor de cultură... Absolvent al Universității din Bayreuth, Germania Carieră Licențiat în Administrarea Afacerilor ...kind of 2005 - 2009 ThyssenKrupp Group…
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